Brandkop Conservancy

Volkspele Ave and Oestyd street

Pellissier, Bloemfontein

Emergency number: ITR 078 378 7545

Chairman: 082 8000 440




Brandkop Conservancy manages the green areas to the north and west of Pellissier, Bloemfontein, situated on and next to the hill known as Brandkop. The managed area also include the lower lying area to the north of the hill that contains the old Brandkop raceway.

The borders of the conservancy to the north and east are the N1 subway and the railway line.

The area is open for the public to use within the guidelines and is especially known for the lookout points (the highest in Bloemfontein) as well as 16km of trails for walking, running and MTB cycling.

Access is restricted to all motorised vehicles and off-road motorbikes and quads are strictly not allowed.


The following applies to the area.

  • ITR security services are responsible for patrolling the area or to react on calls for assistance.
  • Bush sleepers are not allowed in the area.
  • Plants that are listed as invaders are controlled or removed as far as possible.
  • The trails are maintained.
  • Access is controlled as far as possible

Please feel free to use the area at your own risk

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