Trailrun Compulsory Gear

Here is an example of trailrun compulsory gear for Mountain Challenges Trailrun Events


Below is the BMC 34km compulsory gear, any participant without the *compulsory gear set out below will be disqualified before race or at CP1 where a kit check will take place or on the route if found that the rules not abided, this is strictly done so only for the safety of the runners.

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Compulsory Trailrun Gear for Mountain Challenge Events
Items Descriptions
Waterproof Jacket
*Compulsory – Must be lightweight waterproof, breathable as specified by the manufacturer. Hood to be integrated and seams tape sealed. No windproofs or poncho’s.
Survival Blanket (Space Blanket) *Compulsory – Size 1.4m x 2m minimum.
Back pack / Running Pack / Race Vest *Compulsory
Waterproof long pants or long tights Highly Suggested – with bad wet & windy weather conditions on the mountain the long rain pants can help keep body warm
Back pack / Running Pack / Race Vest *Compulsory
Extended Battery Optional
Charged Phone *Compulsory
Buff or Beanie *Compulsory – Close fitting and of synthetic or wool fabric. Lightweight, moisture wicking/quick drying.
Whistle *Compulsory – Pea-less and easily accessible at all times to sound an alert if required.
Food reserve *Compulsory – A minimum of 150 calories of food in reserve at all times.
Long sleeve OR Arm sleeve protectors Highly Suggested – Close fitting long sleeve top OR arm sleeves in combination with a technical T-shirt. Fabrics to be synthetic or wool fabric. No cotton.
Hydration *Compulsory – Min.1.5L Capacity of which 250ml to be in reserve at all times. Any combination allowed, eg bottles or bladder or both
First Aid kit Optional – Size 5cm x 100cm minimum.
Personal Cup
All drinks will be preferably served into your own cup (colapsible cup) to reduce our carbon footprint & allow more eco friendly events, cups will be at water point for those that doesnt have a cup with them. Bottles do not apply.
Gloves Highly Suggested
Head Light Highly Suggested – to assist when mountain overcast and misty to find lost particiapnts easier
The *Compulsory List is always compulsory no matter what the weather forecast